Welcome to my software download page. Some of these projects are finished, some will have certainly contain bugs and many come with their source code for you to play around with. If you find a bug, please do send me the details so I can publish a revised version.

Software - Email Mushifier

Email from spambots. The scurge of the internet. Despite receiving around 50 emails a day, I'm happy to say that very few come from unknown sources. When I built this site, I was conscious that displaying my email address in plain HTML was inviting a barrage of nasty emails promising untold riches and bodily augmentations! Thankfully, the majority of spambots are pretty stupid. They simply trawl through your HTML source looking for text that looks like an email address.

There are several methods to prevent such bots grabbing your email address too easily. One common approach is to use an image to display the address. I won't even waste your time or mine by explaining why this is an appalling idea. A simple, minimal fuss approach is to render the HTML using script to output the text when the page loads. I use a simple method where I use a simple ASCII mushifier (more commonly referred to as obfuscation, but that sounds like an unpleasant medical procedure) to convert the text of the address into something unrecognisable. When the page loads, a script unmushifies the address and renders the original text in situ.

Seeing as I know not everyone gets such a big kick out of coding as me, I've wrapped it up in a simple form below so you can simply copy and paste the script into your own web page. Just enter your email, click the button and your script will be presented for you to copy.

Enter your email address:

Paste the following into your webpage:

I hope you find it useful, enjoy!

If you found any of my software useful, please consider a small donation to help me keep my software free.
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