Blog Entry For 15/12/2012

What, where, when and why?

A post about nothing and something. Why do we do what it is we do? Why do we set ourselves the goals we do, and what do we want to be the outcome? I've been pondering this for some time. To lay a little background, I returned to higher education 4 years ago and to do so, I gave up a very well paying job, my own little flat that I loved very much moved back in with family so I could afford to do so. So what drove me to this decision?

One reason was life was just a treadmill. Paying bills, getting drunk, routine. I felt like a non-entity. I needed another share in my life, something that was worth something.

Also, around the same time, I fell in love. I found someone, for the first time in my life, that I cared enough for that I wanted to support them in every and any way I can. In modern life, perhaps sadly, money is the currency. In a lesser way, I also needed to grow up, have something to offer.

As I stand now, 4 years on, I'm single again, yet still as much in love as I always was. Which leaves me with a strange feeling, seeing as I graduate very soon. Where will it take me? Everything I ever wanted is right here, but I don't know if it wants me. I suppose time will tell if I should throw myself far outside my comfort zone, we shall see what happens.

Life. Never easy, rarely sensible though occassionally surprising, wonderful and insightful. Although good moments pass too quickly. Savour them. If there's anything I've learnt over the last 4 years it's simple - always say yes to any opportunities that come along. Sometimes it goes wrong, but when you look back, the journey itself gave you so much you can only recognise with hindsight. Life is for living, to live you need to be open to new experiences. Do that, and you will soon realise what it is you need to do in life, and why you need to do it.

Just my thoughts, take them or leave them. If nothing else, live, love and be good to one another.

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