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EU Cookie Law Takes The Biscuit

For the web developers among you, I should imagine you just shuddered, or stifled an urge to vomit/spit/scream. Well, I empathise with your feelings on the new EU Cookie Law.

Well, despite the diluted November release from the ICO, it's clear that the cookie law is here to stay, and the ICO are simply approaching the enforcement in a measured, sensible manner. This has resulted in some websites hailing this as a backdown, and I have even read articles suggesting opt-in controls are unnecessary. Well, perhaps if all your cookies do is store a session ID. If you have a Google tracking ID or other 3rd party cookie, you should probably take the time to read the ICO recommendations.

I thoroughly appreciate the need for improved data protection in a world where people prostitute their data across social network sites. However, I do take issue with the attitude and clear technical ignorance of those that drafted the legal wording. Even the ICO guidelines are littered with subjective scenarios, if, but, maybe, consider....how about clear black and white guidance?

After much trawling, I found a wonderful solution via silktide.com. It's an open source Javascript plugin that can be configured for implied/explicit consent of cookies, and very tweakable.

Personally, I find this yet another vile intrusion by non-technical imbeciles who, rather than defer to competent professionals, struggle in the squalid swamp of technical ignorance resulting in flimsy, ill-conceived legislation that drips with the intellect of a past era. We seem to be constantly thrown legislation that is completely unnecessary. Is there a Country left in the EU that lacks adequate data protection laws? I doubt it. And, if a website is flouting such laws, sue them under the existing laws. But no, instead the majority suffer for the selfish minority.

Personally, I would suggest you err on the side of caution, and have a go at full compliance. It's sure to be the norm in the coming years, so may as well get the experience now. Head over to silktide.com to check out their fabulous Cookie Consent solution now.

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