Blog Entry For 22/6/2013

Nobody's Perfect

So, a long week it has been between client work, graduation and working with my colleague Mike on getting our business off the ground when I notice my Twitter feed wasn't feeding zip....

Change to Twitter's API? No.

Out of date Javascript parsing nonsense JSON data? No.

Server polls hit maximum limit? No.

Razor syntax causing server parsing issues? No.

Curious. All in all, some three hours or so was spent tracking down this strange phenomenon. Coffee was required. I made my merry way to the kitchen, and brewed one of my extra kicking coffees. I played with the kittens for a few minutes and headed back to my laptop trying not to let my frustration spoil my mood.

I sit down and glance at my browser. I notice Disconnect, my new browser plugin flashing away. Cue the dropping penny. It's a privacy plugin to stop tracking cookies. I think I've been spending so much time coding and ironing out software bugs that every problem I encounter I assume to fall into that category. Lesson learnt!

I felt stupid, I laughed a little and took the opportunity to re-factor some of my website and make the best of it. If you want to check out Disconnect, and I reccomend you do, head on over to https://disconnect.me/

The moral of the story? Well, never forget Occam's razor would probably be a good place to start....

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